Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Roger Meyer - Wood

Name: Roger L. Meyer

Website: www.turnedtowood.com

Email: ttwmeyer@acegroup.cc

What kind of art do you make? functional turned wood

When did you start creating art? approximately 6 years ago - 2004

How did you get started? I have a background in building construction and have always had a passion for wood.

What inspires you? Figured woods and unusual shapes/designs

How did you develop your style? Trial and error - where there is a need, thre must be a solution.

How did you learn? By always looking for something different.

How do you work best? By working on many pieces at the same time.

How do you approach a new piece? How best to not disturb but rather save and accent the natural beauty and shape of the tree.

What have you learned? That wood is a medium which is always different, always changing and totally unpredictable.

How do you fit art into your personal/family life? My wife assists me by doing all the marketing and necessary documentation.

Where do you work? I have a workshop in a separate building close to our residence.

What is your favorite thing about creating? Solving the mysteries of wood - cutting into a new log.

Why do you enjoy the art tour? Talking to people who enjoy my artwork - even if they don't buy anything.

Where are you located? My home/workshop is located at 8458 Union Ridge Drive in rural Hokah, MN. We're very easy to find - out in the country 3 & 1/2 miles off Hwy 44 between Hokah and Caledonia. During the tour, we are at the Lanesboro Community Center.

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